Been Doon So Long: A Randall Grahm Vinthology

Foreword by Hugh Johnson | ix
Acknowledgments | xi
Introduction | 1

The Etiquette (and History) of the Bonny Doon Etiquette | 11

FICCIONES | Viterature
How I Spent My Summer Vacation | 29
Spenser’s Last Case: Le Mystèred’ Ail, Ail, Ail | 30
A Wan Hunter Had Yourself Solid, Dude | 33
“B” | 35
The Fining Trial | 39
Cheninagin’s Wake: James Juice Takes the Wine Train | 43
Don Quijones, the Man for Garnacha, or A Confederacy of Doonces | 45
The pHs of Romanée County | 74
Kacher in the Ribes | 79
A Clockwork Orange Muscat | 84
Trotanoy’s Complaint | 91
A Perfect Day for Barberafish | 97

The Love Song of J. Alfred Rootstock | 107
Howlbariño | 110
The Rimeshot of the Ancient Marsanner | 115
Basho Does Beltramo’s | 121
A Holiday Message | 123
Da Vino Commedia: The Vinferno | 129

Don Giovese in Bakersfield: An Opera Giacosa | 191
Born to Rhône: Selections from a Rock (and Gravel) Opera | 195

ENOUGH ROPE | Extracts from the Nooseletter
Manichean Rules, or The Continental Divide | 211
Podea, or Unhand the Maiden, Sirrah! | 214
Reductio ad Sulfatum, or A Penny for Your Thoughts | 218
The Almost Pleasanton Years, or In the Belly of the Republikaner Beast | 225
Up the Yin/Yang without a Paddle | 230
Ca’ del Solo, or Home Alone | 234
Revenge | 237

CONNERIE | Schtick
Preface to Unwritten Book | 243
Why French Wine No Longer Matters, or How I Stopped Worrying and Learned to Love Long-Chain Tannins | 244
Totally Screwed: Three (3x) Top Ten Lists | 247
The Heartbreak of Wine Geekdom: Ten Ways You Know You’ve Met a Real Wine Geek | 250
Good Morning, Swedes | 252
Le Cigare of the Future | 253
Making the List at Elka’s | 253
Preface to Wines of Italy | 256
Are You Experienced? | 259
Doon to Earth | 260

Sustainability | 267
Bungle in the Jungle: “How Does a Wine Mean?” or A Season in Wine Hell | 270
How I Overcame my UC Davis Education | 279
Six Feet Under: A Meditation on Roots, Minerals, and Vinous Immortality | 286
“Great” Wine in the Postmodernist World | 290
In Search of a Great Growth in the New World | 297
Terroir and Going Home | 303
A Meditation on Terroir: The Return | 306

Glossary | 310

Read an excerpt:  Doon to Earth




Where Art Meets Science

If you are an artisan vintner who wants to reach new customers, the solution is a simple as C, B, E.

At CBExpo, you’ll take a scientific approach to reaching new customers and converting them to ambassadors for your label. That approach begins with learning proven business strategies and post-production secrets from industry luminaries…

Including Bonny Doon Vineyard’s Randall Grahm, who will be a closing speaker at the Expo’s General Session on May 20th, 2016.

Date: May 18-20th, 2016

Location: The Oakland Convention Center

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CIA Sommelier Summit

Join us for the second annual CIA Sommelier Summit! Building upon the momentum of last year’s inaugural summit, this three-day conference once again brings together the most dynamic group of wine professionals in one place. Don’t miss this great chance to network with peers and industry leaders all while deeply expanding your knowledge of the fast-paced and ever-changing beverage industry

Bonny Doon Vineyard’s Randall Grahm will be presenting at the Tuesday, April 25th (10-11:15 a.m.) Breakout Session:

Natural Wines: WTF? (What’s the fuss?)

Moderator: Christie Dufault, Associate Professor – Wine & Beverage Studies, CIA at Greystone

Presenters: Randall Grahm, Winemaker & Owner, Bonny Doon Vineyard and Abe Schoener, Winemaker & Owner, The Scholium Project

Is it in the yeast or the ideology? Organic, biodynamic, vegan, no added/low sulfite, foottrodden or simply wine made with minimal intervention by a brave, well-meaning purist? What does it all mean and what do we think about it? Are natural wines good for the earth, good for you, and good tasting? Join Vintner Hall of Fame member Randall Grahm, who seeks to make “naturally soulful, original wine,” as we determine if this current movement is new hype or new hope.

Date: April 24-26

Time:  CIA at Greystone, 2555 Main Street, St. Helena, CA 94574

For the complete summit schedule and to register, please visit the CIA Sommelier website here.




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